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We focus on your company efficiency

Each company has different challenges. There are some which look only for the new concepts for customers acquisition, others focus on preserving the existing customer base or optimization of its profitability. We help the owners to identify the major issues that slow down their growth and we create the fast track for the increased revenue. All thanks to the proven techniques and acknowledged growth strategies, professional advertising and the soft area of the empathic approach in business.

Rapid SystemSuccessful growth strategies

  • Brand development and product portfolio strategies
  • Client acquisition strategies
  • Development of customer funnel
  • Creation of the efficient sales channels
  • Sales optimisation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer loyalty schemes
  • Customer profitability
  • Audits, analyses, reports of efficiency

Rapid Results

Kaeru DesignCoherent and modern image

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Web development
  • Campaign management On line/Off line
  • Sales materials
  • Sales promos
  • Corporate ID, brand book, logo
  • Social media activities for BTB and BTC
  • Multimedia presentations

Empathy PathEfficient and balanced communication

1. External communication: communication quality audits in the area of advertising, PR and customer contacts; implementation of the methods and techniques that increase quality and efficiency.

2. Internal communication: quality and efficiency audits on various organization levels, increase in interpersonal and team communication, support on conflict solving in the way that focus on co-operation; implementation of the communication rules and techniques that prevent mobbing at work.

3. Integrating of the communication styles and methods with CSR activities, implementation of the innovative solutions for the CSR communication.

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